Hi! My name is Trisha….

For as long as I can remember, I have been a crafty person. I come by it naturally; my dad is a woodworker and my mom is a seamstress and glass artist. My childhood memories include my grandma helping me make a quilt for my Cabbage Patch Kid, my mom making my Halloween costumes, my dad making me a cedar chest for my 8th birthday – which is still at the foot of my bed, and watching my grandpa make model boats. I made play-dough lobsters with mom for school projects, took art classes, and had more art supplies than toys in my bedroom. My dad showed me how to take photos with a manual SLR camera that will have to be pried from my cold dead fingers (even if I have _finally_ made the transition to digital). Crafting always has and always will be part of my life.

I’ve never ever kept to a single medium. I had pastels, colored pencils, and paints as a kid. I did a lot of photography in high school and college. I learned flame working with glass and then added blown and fused glass, and incorporated jewelry design with my glass beads. I play with paper crafts. And most recently, I have picked up the sewing machine and started making quilts, bags, and I’m about to start clothes. The only constant is to create. Crafting is my therapy. It relaxes me when I’m stressed. It energizes me when I’m tired.

This blog will follow all my crafting adventures. I’ll post about my projects: both the successes and the failures. I’ll review products and tools. I might even create a tutorial or two. There’s a lot of great information on the internet, but there’s also much trial and error in crafting; I hope to document what I learn and discover.

Beyond being a person who needs an entire room for her crafting supplies, I am an IT professional working with Geographic Information Systems (computer mapping). I’m also an EMT at a volunteer fire and rescue department. Originally from Michigan, I moved to the Washington DC area a decade ago after graduating from Northern Michigan University.