Ummm.. Yeah.. it’s been a while…

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ChrisW Global Blog Tour
ChrisW Global Blog Tour

Hello! Yes, it’s been a while! Life got in the way. Work got in the way. Travel got in the way. Making lots of presents I couldn’t talk about before giving them got in the way. Ok, yes, those are all excuses and I promise to do better!

I have much to share with you all. I’m participating in a sew along learning to work with leather. I have a new completely awesome sewing machine I need to talk about. I spent a week in the UK and met some awesome bag makers in Wales. And we’re going to start talking about cooking too as I explore a no processed carbs diet.

But first… I had the honor of being invited to participate in the ChrisW global blog tour! We have 15 amazing bloggers lined up. Each of us has created a bag (or more than one bag) using a ChrisW pattern and will be sharing them this week. There’s also great discounts and prizes available, so check it out! ChrisW Global Blog Tour

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    YASS welcome back ?????

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