Bias Tape Maker – Review

Bias Tape Makers
Bias Tape Makers

A lot of the bags I have made use double folded tape for bindings, straps, or decorations, so when I saw these on Amazon, I just had to try them.

Double folded tape is a strip of fabric folded so that there are 4 layers and no exposed raw edges. These actually create single fold tape, which can then be turned into double folded tape.

While you can purchase single or double folded tape in packages at your local craft supply store, creating it yourself allows you to use the fabric of your choice. I almost always make my own.

To create double folded tape, a long strip of fabric is folded in half along the long edge and ironed. Then the strip is opened up and each raw edge is folded in to meet the center fold line and ironed again. This is a little fiddly and the fabric gets hot enough to be very uncomfortable. Using these bias tape makers makes the process much easier and quicker.

I really enjoyed using these, and for the price, I think they are a must have! The set comes with 4 sizes. I used the 1″ (largest) to create binding for a bag already. I can see using the 3/4″ and even 1/2″, but I’m not sure what I’d ever use the 1/4″ for (it is tiny!). I plan to order a 2″ one for creating straps.

  1. Cut a strip of fabric a couple inches longer than needed and 1.75 to 2 times wider than the width of the tape you need. For example, to have binding on a bag 1/2″ wide, I cut a strip 2″ wide. In the extra couple inches, cut a diagonal line to create a point. This point allows you to feed the strip into the tool.
  2. As you pull the fabric through the tool, it will fold the fabric for you into single fold tape.
  3. Iron the strip to set the folds while pulling the tool to feed more fabric through it.
  4. If you need double fold tape, fold the whole strip in half along the long edge and iron.
Bias Tape Maker and strip of fabric
Cut a point into your strip to feed into the tool.
Bias Tape Maker folds your fabric for you
The Bias Tape Maker folds your fabric for you
Iron to set the fold
Iron to set the fold

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